If you aspire to supply work of the very best quality, you want to avoid copying content. you need to learn to develop your voice and learn by accessing others’ work but drawing your conclusions. it’s a vital part of learning and growing within the writing process. The lucidity and quality of your writing will improve with time and practice. Honest independent writing isn’t only a practical skill learned but also will give credibility and authority to your work and demonstrate authenticity.

As a knowledgeable writer, it’s your responsibility to keep up the reputation of the brand. As discussed above plagiarised content isn’t good for organic traffic and you may also breach a copyright violation which may cause legal issues sometimes.

To make it clearer let’s understand the below steps that will facilitate you avoid plagiarism while writing for yourself or a brand and protect your reputation.

  • Set clear policies and practices

As a business, you need to have clear policies against plagiarism and make sure that the work isn’t copied from other sources. The more plagiarist gets faraway from copying someone’s work the more they’ll still eff. it’ll eventually harm your business reputation and lead to lost clients and revenue. it’s crucial to possess a powerful system and practices in situ to line clear expectations with the writers and also the quality of labor expected.

  • Train your writing team

You should always encourage your writing team to supply 100% authentic relatable content and supply them with required training as and when necessary. It will be challenging but it’s a necessity to supply your audience with something different than what’s already out there on the net. this is often the sole way your readers will find value and price within the piece of knowledge provided by you. Always invest in good writers, know that you simply will get what you pay money for.

  • Take time to form

Ensure that there’s enough time to plan, create, and review a whole article writing procedure. From picking the correct topic to jot down to reading about it drawing your conclusion requires sufficient time and research. Anything rushed won’t provide you with a high-quality piece of knowledge.

  • Keep track of sources

One of the important aspects of writing may be a lot of reading. When a writer writes he or she is going to read from various sources to collect the proper information and obtain inspiration. it’s important to stay track of all the referred sources just in case you happen you utilize sections of them in your writing.

  • Refer to quite one resource

Similar to the above point, writers must read from varied sources for a correct understanding of any topic. Writers constantly have to learn and adapt to steady growth. Keeping quiet one reference will broaden your knowledge and understanding and facilitate your learning process.

  • Quote

As a writer, it’s important that once you discuss with a source or use some other person’s work, you want to correctly quote it. Your audience should bear in mind the content generated by you and also the content borrowed. it’s a decent practice to quote the text and link back to the website from where the fabric is sourced or give credit to the source by including a citation within the text and also the reference list. It helps with SEO and maintains a decent reputation amongst your readers.

  • Reliable editors

Once the whole writing procedure is finished, it’s time for editors to confirm that the written piece of data is of the best quality. you’ll depend on technology to review your content but a reliable and capable editor will know if the piece isn’t original and can spot errors that an internet checker may miss. an honest editor can facilitate your plan and revise material to form it easier for readers to grasp. They verify all the sources cited within the material and fact-check everything.

  • Plagiarism checker tools

After all the manual work is finished, it’s best to test your article with different content checker online tools also referred to as a plagiarism checker. it’s the most effective thanks to making sure the content is original and is plagiarised-free. they’ll pick any duplicates and compare your writing to existing sources on the net.

Detecting plagiarism isn’t too difficult nowadays. There are many free and paid tools available online to assist you to discover duplicity and snippet of copied text.

Below is the list of a few tools:

Scribbr – not free
Quetext – with a free trial
EasyBib – with a free trial
PlagScan – with a free trial
Program – not free
Grammarly – not free

Small SEO Tools – Max. 1,000 words per check
Copyleaks – 2,500 words p/m at no cost
Search Engine Reports – Max. 1,000 words per check
PaperRater – 10 checks per month

  • Use technology

It is important to grasp that not all plagiarism checkers are reliable. Some checkers detect just one and another might detect 50% plagiarism. The accuracy of plagiarism depends on database size; some checkers only compared the information existing on the net while others detect data from books, case studies, and other publications. Another thing about detecting plagiarism is the algorithm; most plagiarism checkers won’t detect plagiarism if the structure is modified by rewording it and when using two different sources are combined.

  • Monitor content after it’s posted

Someone copying your toil isn’t very flattering. it’s important to stay track of your hard-written content online since plagiarism goes both ways and your content is stolen too. There are tools you’ll use to make sure that your work doesn’t get stolen by plagiarists. If your business reputation is at stake you wish to induce the below-mentioned tools listed by SEMrush that you simply have to monitor before and after your content is posted:

  • Unplug – This online plagiarism checker comes with lots of additional features. You get a comprehensive scan with more sensitive filtering and you’ll be able to upload multiple documents in many various formats.
  • Copysentry – It monitors the online for content stolen from your website and could be a low-cost cut-and-paste solution that delivers better results than most free tools.
  • SEMrush Position Tracking – It compares your website to competitors on a world scale by monitoring your keywords, you’ll be able to ensure your competition isn’t stealing your content.
  • IFTTT – “If This Then That” tool to make email alerts when your target keywords show informed other domains.


It is easy to comprise the trap of plagiarism because some parts of your content will always be just like what others have already written. the concept of collecting other people’s work and improvising it works and doesn’t always under the radar by the plagiarism checker but its bad business, if not illegal. Avoid copying content because it can get you an SEO penalty without even you realizing it.

The is that most significant reason for plagiarism is the pressure to come up with a spread of high-quality content with already flooded resources. It will be challenging for those that attempt to come up with original content with a novel perspective.

Writing with finesse may be a skill that will only be mastered with lots of practice. an ingenious, fresh piece of data helps gain knowledge of the topic and makes the time spent reading it more valuable. Writers must keep their reputation intact by carefully drafting a chunk of data using different resources and citing them correctly.

You should prevent plagiarism while writing by springing up together with your ideas and planning your writing structure. Writing an overview for your article will facilitate your understanding and balance your original ideas and also the ones borrowed from other sources. you must take notes and keep all the data organized before you start writing and when doubtful cite the source correctly. an honest writer should also learn the way to paraphrase properly, by not just changing the words but also changing the structure of the sentence without changing the meaning of the content. a decent paraphrasing helps you to slot in your original content smoothly making it highly engaging content for the audience.