What are the consequences of your content being plagiarized?

What are the consequences of your content being plagiarized?

Plagiarism can negatively impact your writing career and therefore the reputation of your business. you’ll be able to lose your credibility, your work and might get fined to list some. Let’s understand below what consequences a writer can face upon plagiarised content.

  • Copyright Violation

Copyright infringement could be a serious violation and may have huge consequences. There are various copyright laws about the creative industry like writing, music, photography, graphic design, games, websites, software, paintings, sculptures, and paintings. Most of those creators have the copyright of their work and any violation may include a fine or removal of the content from your website looking at the severity of the violation.

  • SEO Penalties

Google algorithm is wise and knows when the content is copied and can rank your site very low. whether or not your content is sweet, if plagiarised, will fail to rank in search engines, SEO will drop leading to low traffic and if reported by the initial publisher your site can even be blacklisted. this is often one of the worst consequences of copied content and you’ll not even know the way it affected your site.

  • Lost Clients

If you’re employed as a freelancer content writer or work for a digital marketing company, your unique expressive style, and relevant content are the most contributors to your reputation. Plagiarised content will hamper your reputation and your clients will lose trust in you ultimately affecting the business.

  • Lost Revenue

Less traffic and visitors to your site will ultimately cause less business and lost revenue. Also, if you have got already paid your writers for his or her services, they won’t give that money back to you and you’ll rewrite all of that plagiarised content yourself leading to trifling yet.

  • Lost Reputation

Every time you hire a copywriter for your business you’re taking a risk because they’ll truly become the voice of your business. Finding a decent content writer who knows the know-how of your business is difficult but crucial as your reputation is at stake. it’s important to require a proactive measure to make sure that no plagiarised content is ever published.